Slinky Trailers: Premiered March 15-17, 2001 at Artword Theatre

Act 1 (40 minutes)
Slinky Listening to Wall #1 (solo with Aluminum Pipes) and Slinky Listening to Wall#2 (duet with Grand piano)
Premiered July 8, 2000 at The Sound Symposium in St. John's, Nfld.
Spatial Relations solo by Boo Watson
Act Two (40 minutes)

Eryn Dace Trudell surfaces briefly for a three day inspirited engagement at Artword with singer/songwriter and piano player extraordinaire Boo Watson, March 15-17. This long awaited shared bill promises to be a mesmerizing and magical celebration of charm and chops. Eryn will perform Slinky Listening to Wall : Listening Piece #1: Duet with grand piano and Listening Piece #2: solo with aluminum pipes. Boo will play. With and without Eryn. Together they set the score for theophany, performing improvisations in dance and music.

The baby grand piano of Artword is the enigmatic third party to this special occasion. Made accessible by Artword's founders Judith Sandiford and Ronald Weiss. Enthusiasm for this show came, when Eryn was preparing Slinky Listening to Wall for its premiere at The Sound Symposium in St. John's Newfoundland. Eryn became as engaged with the piano as Ron and Judith became engaged by her visits. Preparing Slinky Listening to Wall; two pieces evolving from the physicality of listening, Eryn ventured into unknown territory. By doing so she rediscovered things she had forgotten. Eryn remembered, that prior to a fanatical commitment to her dancing career, she played the flutand the piano,sang and had been a person who was not afraid of making sound. Slinky Listening to Wall is an intimate and humble search for the inclusion of listening to seeing, sounding to moving.

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