HELIOTROPE is inspired by a mystical source of images and experiences; and named after a plant whose flowers turn to face the sun. more....


Our choreographic offering to, Nightwood brings forth a dark and beautiful, gender labyrinth. This, continuously altering state of consciousness, journey's the sexual and spiritual world linking Olokun more.....

Slinky Listening to Wall Premiere

Eryn is venturing into unknown territory here at the Sound Symposium. At the same time she is rediscovering things that she had forgotten. Eryn remembers more....

Slinky Trailer

Eryn Dace Trudell surfaces briefly for a three day inspirited engagement at Artword with singer/songwriter and piano player extraordinaire Boo Watson more.....

My Private Venus

A love story which evolves from the struggle between the self-conscious mind and the conscious sensual body. The dancer searches to describe a world for which there are no words. more....


Morgaine's Tale (in progress)

Mistress of Magic
Mistress of Magic Sexteet is the most recent evolution of The Morgaine Project, a full-length story-ballet inspired by the character Morgaine more....


The Hight Queen's Quartet

Forced Horn

  -Forced Horne
  -Fish Stew
  -Where's Front

Elimination of Lateral Violence

After Forced Horn in 1996, Eryn and Susan continued exploring the duet form. Elimination of Lateral Violence evolved as a 20 minute danceography: a developmental structure which honours the creative equity between dancer and choreographer more....

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