Premiered August 8, 1998
at Tarragon Theatre, Extra Space, Toronto
Length: 45 minutes

A love story which evolves from the struggle between the self-conscious mind and the conscious sensual body. The dancer searches to describe a world for which there are no words. The world inside a teardrop. A journey beyond absence. A mapping, tracing, falling place. A coveted place.

Performed and choreographed by Eryn Dace TRudell
Directed and Dramaturged by Shauna Jansson
Lighting Design by Sharon Di Genova
Costume designed and built by Claire Burgess
Live accompaniment by Leyla Tshongo (water percussion) and Shauna Jensson (vocals)
Music by Jean Martin
Text written by Eryn and Shauna Jansson
Excerpt from Taking root to Fly by Irene Dowd

What do you take? What do you give? What do you see what do you here what do you feel? What do you want me to hear?

mapping tracing biting eating rocking.. suspending /pulse spin shift///mapping tracing biting eating rocking searching hiding ringing twisting tracing,... suspending/slide scamper toss rock twist fumble mapping tracing biting eating rocking searching hiding ringing twisting tracing seducing//stoking holding taking giving longing lying gathering bleeding striking....suspending//grip dodge hang ripple wave stride...pulse spin shift/// mapping tracing biting eating rocking searching hiding ringing twisting tracing seducing// stoking holding taking giving longing lying gathering bleeding striking// falling finding forcing sucking grasping resisting.....suspending

I am an ancient temple dancer. I wear your desire on my skin. Your breath is the sound of me. I'm coming to knock. I'm coming to tear. I'm going to make. I'm going to spin you beyond. And you are going. And you are entering. My world of grace. Two minutes for five? How much? What are you worth?

Is anybody listening? Is anybody there? Do you feel me? I want you to feel my body. Do you like me? What do you like about it? Do you love me? I don't know if this is my body. Many bodies. Many lives. Many lovers. Many stories.

My own body. My own body Breath...blood...loss My own body Breath...blood....hate My blood. My body Breath. My breath, own body. My hate, my choice, my freedom Faith. my body my body knows everything the pain in knowing the pain of you inside. My own body. I will protect you.

'Good morning' 'Good morning' 'I love you' 'I know' 'You're beautiful' 'Thank you'

How to prepare today. What to wear today. What to pretend today. How high to try today. How deep to breath today. How slow to go today.

*The first essential element to jumping is the desire to fly. In order to jump we must push the ground away with more force than it is pushing on us. It is essential to exert coordinated force with the muscles of our feet and ankles to initiate the jump. The initiation of force will be carried through to the pelvis. There the upward propulsion can be lost in off centre movement or can be continued through the pelvis to lift the rest of the body into space. In order to maintain the vertical thrust from ground to head, the muscles of the hips and trunk must be coordinated in their action.....With the propulsive stability of the lower body established, the chest, arms, and head are free to create the illusion of hovering in the air......In order to land without noise or trauma, all the muscles which worked to raise the body up into the air must continue working even more strongly (in eccentric contraction) especially at the moment of impact from the ground......There is really no preparation for jumping except jumping itself.

'What's the matter, baby?

Time is running out.

Do I use you. Do I love you. Do I lose you.
Will I use you. Will I love you. Will I lose you.
Am I using you. Am I loving you. Am I losing you.
Have I used you. Have I loved you. Have I lost you.

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