Mistress of magic Sextet

an enchanting summer solstice celebration of luscious, exquisite and powerful dancing... choreographed by Eryn Dace trudell

Mistress of Magic Sexteet is the most recent evolution of The Morgaine Project, a full-length story-ballet inspired by the character Morgaine from marion Zimmer Bradleys Mist of Avalon- an interpretation of Arthurien Legends. This sextet is dedicated to the magic women of Avalon: their charms, their rituals, their witches and their daughters. Choreographed by Eryn Dace Trudell with her dancers Sarah Chase, Kristine Evans, Kathleen Pritchard, Karen resnick-Keaja, Jessica Runge and Alison Ulan. With special guest Paul Ibey as the Merlin and company

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